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9,055* Party Beavers Generatively Designed NFTs

Give-Away across 4 platforms

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The Whole


MINT YOUR OWN BEAVER FOR VIP PERKS in the Metaverse's Massive Multiplayer NFT Party Zone
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The Omega Alpha Dam Party Beaver's Mission
Completion of 30-Day Campaign
Phase 1
Present Data to the SM Party Beaver Community developed on the level of engagement for each social media platform.​
An overall score will be awarded to each platform and a proportionate number of Party Beaver NFTs will be allotted to give away for engagement in each platform.
Party Beavers SM followers, who correctly followed the instructions for each campaign, will be randomly chosen as winners of Party Beaver NFTS.
Phase 2
Dick Dam Stix will issue the minting of the first ever 100 Party Beavers. These will be the 100 Party Beavers issued out to our Social Media Campaign Winners.
100% Party Beavers Minted:
Phase 1
NFT Animator Gateway
Phase 2
Launch Phase
Cras convallis lacus
Cras convallis lacus
Cras convallis lacus
Phase 3
Full Launch
* Why 9,055 Party Beavers? It's a prime number. 100 are for promotional giveaways, and 11 are for team members. The budget planning for the most epic party game in the metaverse requires the sales of 10,000 Party Beavers for this world to come alive!​